Degenerative osteoarthritis and it's orthotics management

Today my clinic D. S. Prosthetics and Orthotics Rehab Clinic discharged 65 Years old female patient who have right knee varus and left knee valgus deformity. She was very comfortable and happy with the bilateral knee orthoses. It controls both varus and valgus deformities. She was suffering with these deformities since several years. Her husband is also having right leg amputation. They cannot wear expanses of Total Knee Replacement and high technology prosthesis. Both are happy now. I hope Orthotics management of osteoarthritis knees and ankle and spinal deformities are the best for poor as well as geriatric patients. Please have a look on pics and videos.



Very good Dr.kumar Narendra

Thank you so much Dr. Abhishek Chatterjee

Good work Doctor..keep it up

Thank you so much Sir. Happy Doctor's Day

Nice work Sir, if you took the cast in standing? What type of knee joint is given? Plz provide seperate pic of the device if possible!

It's impossible to take cast in standing position due to both knees having valgus and varus deformities. Patient can't stand in proper position. As you see it is after casting and check the alignment and stability of both knees. I will check my photos galary if there is any pictures. I will post. Thank you so much for your kind suggestions. Happy Doctor's Day

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