today saw this case.....h/o bulging of BE 3 months,loss of vn RE just after bulging,DOV LE since 2 Months o/e ocular movements restrictions in all gazes, severe proptosis BE,retraction of lids BE, severe conjunctival Chemosis and congestion RE>LE, cornea dried out RE, VA PL positive RE, 6/60 LE B Scan showing just thickened walls of BE balls MRI brain WNL your valuable opinions on diagnosis and management.



This is thyrotropic enophthalmos causing irrepairable right eye damage. To save left eye perhaps right eye evisceration is the very very sad decision may be taken. It is really ghastly and extremely painful!

Type mistake It is EXOPHTHALMOS not enophthalmos

Thyroid opthalmopathy or thyroid eye disease (TED ) as otherwise known as. This label is most appropriate because what is shown in picture and described by case history are in conformity with the same. Request to look at the update uploaded by me with many signs perhaps not known to all concerning TED.

Grave's disease - B/ L Proptosis ??


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Vary interesting case thisis proptosis of BE. I also happen to come across one case in my carriour.but he had vision and used to put eye balls back after protrusion he was diabetic as well. extraocular deposition of fat in orbits. ! Or weakness of superior oblique nerve! Nothing is certain but yah intresting.

Yes sir it's very interesting and very very simple case.....I made the diagnosis immediately and confirmed by tests....

Here are signs and classification of Thyroid eye Disease

RE panophthalmitis( may be sec.CT will rule out any R/B sol. as well as ???spread of tumour/pressure on O N on other side.Other eye p@rominence may be v high myopia(detailed history).

Exophthalmos of hyperthyroidism untreated / graves d / check tots thyroid antibodies / start rx refer to ophthalmologist for correcting eye function /


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Panophthalmitis right eye developing in thyrotropic exophthalmos Only option is evisceration of right eye


B/l frontal or ethmoidal mucocoele causing proptosis Lympho proliferative mass

Nothing in MRI

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Thyroid eye disease, , Grave's. diseaea in extreme stage R>lt

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