Todays Herb ALOE VERA (Kumari) Ras -Tikta kashay virya- Shit vipak- Katu Doshghnata- Kapha pitta



Aloevera may cause hypersensitivity reaction.It may cause a risk of bleeding. Can cause heart irregularities can cause electrolyte imbalance. It may cause abdominal cramping. It is contraindicated in acute and chronic abdominal pain ulcerrative colitis regional ielitis. Intenstinalobstruction acute appendicitis in kidney disease or liver diseases.If you use alovera for constipation for more than ten days it causes constipation and dependency.It causes thrombocytopenia and purpura. It causes hepatitis liver toxicity. It may cause colorectal carcinoma. It may cause hypokalaemia. It should not be used with cardiac glycosides antithrombotics aspirin clopidogrel warfarinn heparine.It causes hives. It causes hypoglycemia with insulin or oral antidiabetic drugs.It causes muscular weakness.It has synergestic action with garlic onion tulips.It is used in burns frostbite in HPV warts.

Its apply to any drug sir..if use in excess ..would definitely going to harm.Trifala churn also leads to constipation if used for pretty long period.

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I have done research on aloe Vera against diabetics And I have got result that aloe Vera reduces the chances of post diabetics complications as well as it reduces the blood glucose level but never cause hypoglycemia only it reduces to a normal value

Very good dr.Ankit...this is the need now..Research!! plz elaborate how many pt.did u take...How the study was conducted ..would inspires others too.

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Healing properties: Glucomannan, a mannose-rich polysaccharide, and gibberellin, a growth hormone, interacts with growth factor receptors on the fibroblast, thereby stimulating its activity and proliferation, which in turn significantly increases collagen synthesis after topical and oral Aloe vera. Aloe gel not only increased collagen content of the wound but also changed collagen composition (more type III) and increased the degree of collagen cross linking. Due to this, it accelerated wound contraction . Laxative effects: Anthraquinones present in latex are a potent laxative. It increases intestinal water content, stimulates mucus secretion and increases intestinal peristalsis. Antiviral and antitumor activity: These actions may be due to indirect or direct effects. Indirect effect is due to stimulation of the immune system and direct effect is due to anthraquinones. The anthraquinone aloin inactivates various enveloped viruses such as herpes simplex, varicella zoster and influenza. In recent studies, a polysaccharide fraction has shown to inhibit the binding of benzopyrene to primary rat hepatocytes, thereby preventing the formation of potentially cancer-initiating benzopyrene-DNA adducts. An induction of glutathione S-transferase and an inhibition of the tumor-promoting effects of phorbol myristic acetate has also been reported which suggest a possible benefit of using aloe gel in cancer. Moisturizing and anti-aging effect: Mucopolysaccharides help in binding moisture into the skin. Aloe stimulates fibroblast which produces the collagen and elastin fibers making the skin more elastic and less wrinkled. It also has cohesive effects on the superficial flaking epidermal cells by sticking them together, which softens the skin. The amino acids also soften hardened skin cells and zinc acts as an astringent to tighten pores. Its moisturizing effects has also been studied in treatment of dry skin associated with occupational exposure where aloe vera gel gloves improved the skin integrity, decreases appearance of fine wrinkle and decreases erythema.21 It also has anti-acne effect. Antiseptic effect: Aloe vera contains 6 antiseptic agents: Lupeol, salicylic acid, urea nitrogen, cinnamonic acid, phenols and sulfur. They all have inhibitory action on fungi, bacteria and viruse

These r All Researches from Pubmed indexed International journals. worth reading it.

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It has got anti inflammatory activity. It has got ulcer healing property.Hypolipidemic activity.It has got immunomodulatory activity.It is anticancerdrug.It has complementactivity.( it destructs intravascular bacteria).It has got antibacterial activity.It is antifungal . It has got antiviral action.It has got sun protective properties.The latex form should not be used orally by anyone with inflammatory bowel disease.It is contraindicated in pregnancyand in children.Long term use of lattex could result in potassium deficiency.Aloe must not be used with laxative as it potentiates the action of laxatives.Abitter yellow substance in the bundle sheath is purgative and laxative and must be removed while processing when laxative effect is not needed.

This is the ans. of my que. i had asked previously on curofy ..that is there any drug interaction of Allopathic n Ayurvedic drug if used simultaneously in the patients. use with laxatives it potentiates its action!!

Very good information shared by Dr. Ankit Agarwal...yes it is very good in is also have Vrana ropaka properties...also work in skin disease as Dr. Deepak said. There are 3 types of Aloe vera in pharmacopeia : 1) Curaccao aloes 2) Socotrine aloes 3) Cape aloes. Guna: Guru, Snigdha, Pichhil Rasa - Katu Vipaka - Katu Virya - Sheeta its Laghu, Ruksha, Tikshna it is Kaphapitta hara, Shotha hara (kumari + Haridra mix it and apply the hot lepa of this over the shotha and over the Vrana also and it is also useful in Plihavriddhi), Vedanasthapana, and Vrana ropana. In alpa matra it is Deepan, Pachan, Bhedan and it is Yakrita uttejaka. In more amount of dose it is Virechaka and Krimighna. It is Raktashodhaka, Mutral, Vrishya. It increases the rakta samvahan towards garbhashaya which causes constriction of the garbhashaya and cause Aartavjanan and don't use in pregnant woman. It has Jwarghna property also. The patra majja has the Balya and Brihan properties. It is useful in Mutrakrichhra, Shukradaurbalya, Udar roga, Yakrita-Pliha vriddhi, Udarshool, Gulma, Vibandha. In raj avarodha the varti of kumari is placed in yoni to treat the avarodha. For Aartavajanan use it during the raj kala before 7 days of menses starts.

Nice info of Kumari sir .Contraindicated in pregnancy due its Artavajana and garbhastrav property....very imp.point to be noted .Fine.

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Aloe vera A shott review Indian medical journal article by Amar Sutrjuse DGSapale Resham vasani.Www.ncbi .hlm .hih .gov. Please read the article in detail you will get lot of information onit. Dr Shalendra please read it. Thank you.

widely use to treat Skin disease Diabetes Digestive Problems...studies showed.

Further I am finding a method to use aloe Vera topically on skin that will slowly reduce glucose level

It is from international study . They are proved by research on alovera.

I also done research on aloe vera...I made a ointment from aloe vera and 3 other drugs for diabetic foot showed very good result

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