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Today my topic is on #Toes pain #Pain in Toes.Most of the peoples are worrying about this I will try to give solutions. Toe pain is any uncomfortable sensation in the toes. Your toes contain bones (the phalanges), joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, and blood vessels, all of which are subject to injury, infection, or other conditions that cause pain. Toe pain may last briefly or be constant. You may feel a throbbing, piercing or tingling sensation. Pain-like sensations that are often described as pins and needles, prickling, or burning are called paresthesia. Toe pain may be simply irritating and uncomfortable or so debilitating that you cannot put a shoe on or put any kind of pressure on your foot or toe. Toe pain can arise from a variety of conditions ranging from a bunion to nerve conditions. In some cases, toe pain can be a symptom of a serious condition, such as an infection or peripheral artery disease. If you are experiencing persistent toe pain or pain with swelling, redness, and warmth of the toe, seek prompt medical care. Other symptoms may occur with toe pain depending on the underlying disease, disorder or condition. For example, an infection or inflammation of the toe might be accompanied by redness or warmth of the area. Symptoms that may occur along with toe pain Symptoms that may occur with toe pain include: • Burning feeling • Cold toes • Difficulty moving your toe • Flu-like symptoms (fatigue, fever, sore throat, headache, cough, aches and pains) • Joint pain • Numbness • Skin discoloration, such as bruising • Swelling Homoeopathic Remedy Options • Aconitum napellus. This remedy may be helpful for pain and inflammation that comes on suddenly after exposure to cold wind and weather. ... • Arnica. ... • Belladonna. ... • Bryonia. ... • Calcarea phosphorica. ... • Ledum palustre. ... • Pulsatilla. ... • Rhus toxicodendron.



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