Tongue lesion - Diagnose!

Chief complaint A 29 y/o female came with the complaint of a lesion over the right lateral border of the tongue. History Patient is a chronic smoker for the past 3 years. She has h/o sore mouth for around 6 months which remains on and off. But this lesion is not healing and is increasing in size. No h/o bleeding, difficulty in speech, fever or any other symptoms. Investigation Examination shows raised red lesion over the right lateral and anterior two-thirds of the tongue. It is hard on palpation and is superficial in the anterior region & deep in the posterior region. Diagnosis What are your comments? Treatment Please advise treatment also.




Tnx Dr Ngailong Longbah

Carcinoma of tongue Squamous cell carcinoma of tongue Adv biopsy Hp study

probably ssc...lateral border of tongue is the most commonest site for carcinoma of tongue...Advice biopsy

??SCC of tongue Advice Biopsy.

Probably carcinoma of tongue..advice CBC nd biopsy

Case of Carcinoma of the Tongue. Advice 1,CBC 2 Blood sugar F/R/PP .3.FNAC

Advice Biopsy and an MRI face + Neck

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