Tongue lesion for last 6 months. .likely Hamangioma..what will be the best t/t mode...?



investigate the lesion with mri to differciante the haemangima from vascular malformation. colour doppler or angiography also can be done. treat the pt with conservatively with scelerotherapy first if the pt have functional disability then surgery will be a option

any role of immobilisa

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any role of embolization in these lesions?

Haemangioma, advised injectable sclerosising agents, after reduction of size advised surgical intervention.

perhaps lupus disease

MR angiogram or CT angiogram is best study

previously any dental treatment taken ? I have seen many case of blue discoloration of gingiva ; tongue or cheek mucosa due to metal crown . so first find local cause after that systemic cause

Angiogram Biopsy

remove the lesson,histopathology and dental treatment


Send to OR is excision

it is IR
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