Tongue ulcer,painfu,l white background,clear margins...chews tobacco 70 year female. Investigation, management and diagnosis



R/O CA tongue

It doesn't look malignancy usually do...I see sharp lingual cusps, do coronoplasty give Becosule syrup, with Mucopain gel, wait for 3 week follow up... then think of biopsy... could be simply irritation fibroma bcs the margins are clear and blanching is visible...

Traumatic ulcer , Suggest, abstinence from tobacco, dental consultation to correct sharp edges of teeth, Betadine mouth wash, vitamins . If persistent, consider biopsy.

Thank you, Doctor

Button shape ulcerative growth on lateral side of tongue Looks to be malignant Adv biopsy

Thanx dr Pushkar ji Bhomia

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Could be traumatic ulcer doc.. any ulcer which dony heal in 3 weeks needs biospy

Biopsy And routine blood investigation Looks like malignant

Malignancy tongue Ad biopsy to confirm the diagnosis

Looks malignant tongue ulcer Adv: biopsy

I agree

Traumatic injury Malignancy Biopsy

Advised Bx to r/o malignancy/SCC.

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