14/y/o female with complain of tonsillitis since few years. There is difficulty and pain in swallowing Type of pain stinging type It Aggravates on swallowing cold food and solids & during seasonal change Relief- by drinking warm water & taking allopathy cough syrup & antibiotic medicine. Her appetite is decreased, due to pain on eating food Thirst- normal Urine- normal Stool- constipated, hard stools She is vata prakriti. with madhyam agni bala & sama jihva




1. Kaval (oil pulling) with iremedadi taila 2.gocharanadi guluika 2 bd 3. Kantamrita for chewing I tab every 2 hrs 4. If aggravates/reccur due to seasonal variations or cold exposure than. also prescribe 5. pippalyasav 20 ml bd 6. tab Histantin 2 bd with warm water

Laxmivilas ras 1 tds Septillin 1tds Graggle(chark) for gargle Lavangadi vati 2tds

respected all I got good results with the following medicines with some variations as per the case .... - sitoplaadi churan/ talisaadi churan -tankan bhasam - Abrak bhasam shatputi preferred laxmi vilas ras nardya chitrak haritaki shad bindu tail ...nasyarth

She is an ideal case for Tonsillectomy operation as it is a case of chronic Tonsillitis and patient is symptomatic with decreased appetite, Painful deglutition and seasonal aggravation of symptoms

Dear Dr. Sweety Bajoria ma'am, Advice for the case. Haridra Madhu Sambhag lehyam 3 to 4 times in a day. Sitopaladi Churna and Yastimadhu churna with honey.

1. Application of Apamarga kshara 2.Tonsari capsule 3.Aarogyavardhini vati 4. Gargling : - Luke warm water with adding of haridra and lavana

Tundikari... Tab. Kafketu ras, punarnava mandoor, vriddhivadhika vati, kanchanar guggul, sutsekhar ras, Septillin of himalaya

Tribhuvana keerthi ras 1 TD af With Sithopaladi churna 1 tsp Lakshmi vilas ras 1 TD AF Haridra khandam 1 tsp TD af

Septilin Tab Sualin Tab Khadiradi Vati Aachushanarth Gargaling with Haridra Namak Mixed Luke warm water

Oro-T gargle twice a day. Tab.Septillin 2-2-2 Tab.Fifatrol 2-0-2 Avoid chilled,sour and fermented foods.

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