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Too much of Netflix

A 18 year old boy was brought to OPD by mother stating that the boy is talking very erratic from the past 10 days. On interviewing the boy stated - There is a legacy to fulfill , the resident of Planet XZ913 and the universe is relying upon me to be their saviour. Soon my super powers would awaken , very soon I would have that one fine moment and then I would fly to the farthest reach of the space to bring the technology to make a Dyson sphere around the sun of XZ913 and other planets. At the city Xz block 3 lives my girlfriend who is waiting for me. We would marry and my son would challenge Baki Hanma and win the competition. I have to leave very soon. I am trying to explain this to my parents. What is you opinion , diagnosis and treatment.

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Acute transient Psychosis with manic symptoms

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Fantasy and euphoria mood... required to assessment about total MSE. And to evaluate details about daily routines. Work impaired and other odd behaviour should be noted after then diagnosis... Regarding this case have a manic features.

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He is addicted towards Netflix creating Euphoria..... Needs MSE done with psychiatric evaluation n psychotherapy done by Clinical Psychologist

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Acute transient Psychosis with manic symptoms

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