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Top 10 Commonly used Ayurveda Anti-Inflammatory Herbs

Inflammation a natural response of our body that causes warmth, redness, and swelling of the skin and associated pain. It can be uncomfortable, if prolonged, not checked, or chronic. If left untreated it attacks the host tissue instead—this can cause other disorders. Here's a list of Top 10 Most Commonly used Ayurveda Anti-Inflammatory Herbs in Clinical Practice Share your experience with us.



Inflammation associated with pitta dosha. Drugs pacifying vitiated pitta dosha will work as anti-inflammatory. Not only 10 there are so many drugs which are highly effective in inflammation. It depends on type of inflammation

How to take these mixture of all? For knee pain stiffness and information. Standing aggravate. please suggest.

Mixture of all is not taken.patients age, प्रकृति,complaints,occupation,will decide the drug.


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Sir will you please tell me how to use nimba sunthi Or kumari in kwath form or something else??

Punarnava is the most anti informatory ànd diuretic herb

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