Top Homeopathic Remedies for Angina pectoris

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Agree with dr Adarsh kr singh sir... Amyle nitrosum can give immediate Relief.... Another one hydrocynic acid where there is a typical hindi picture type presentation ...clutches at the heart as if in distress severe palpitations n put his hand on left side of the chest.... Some time also works in epilepsy if assosiated... Another rare remedy strophanthus in which there is great weakness of the heart's muscles n tissues... Another one Lactodectus mactans which mainly work on chest which typically MI type symptoms present pain radiate from the left chest left arm n goes in left fingers at the tip......left shoulder back neck also affect .... Terminalia another one in which sever palpitations with pain extend to left Shoulder to hand aggravation by walking n any physical exertion.... Another common remedy naja , bry , glono, spigelia, arg nit , aurum met, etc....but better to go with totality based medicine....

Angina pectoris -chidren in - Med ; Coition agg: Dig; Pain in left elbow with -Arn ; Drinking water agg:Ars ;

Thank you Dr. Karthiyaini Sekar mam

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Very useful post. Angina pectoris -children in -Med ; Coition agg:Dig ; Drinking water agg;Ars

I want to know on what baisis my answer (angina pectoris -children in )disagrees. My answer from synthesis repertory pageNo:1177 line number 44.

HEART, attack, angina pectoris - ACON., apis., arg-n., ARN., ars., aur., CACT., carbo-v., Dig., Glon., iod., Kalm, LACH., LAT-M., Laur., Naja., nux-v., phos., rhus-t., Spig., verat., Tarent.

Kali carb is a great heart remedy. If there's threatened heart failure at midnight or 1AM, in obese middle aged patients, Kali carb definitely saves life. Carbo veg also is a life savior.

Digitalis Is Also One Of The Best Remedy For Angina Pectoris ...

Nice informatie post Doctor

Usefull Update

Most acute remedy for angina is AMYLE NITROSUM . Prescribe it for immediate relief . Most effective mode of administration is olfaction. Pour some drops upon napkin and smell it ..

Ya it will work nicely
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