Top Homeopathic Remedies for Low Testosterone Levels

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Top Homeopathic Remedies for Low Testosterone Levels Viz - 1) Caladium. 2) Agnus cast. 3) Selenium. 4) Nuphur lut. 5) Acid phos. Thanks for sharing @Homeo Drug Insights .

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Nice list of medicine doctor 👍 Other medicines, I will add theoretically.... 1. With increasing age, usually the endocrinal changes will reflect in males to a feminine broad pelvis with upper part of body emaciated, rounded = LYCOPODIUM. 2. Easy exhaustion, continuous single thought about sexual performance day & night & in dreams= CALCAREA CARB. 3. Prostatic problem with its dominance leading to erectile problems & dwindling of testes; as a sexual glands tonic = SABAL SERRULATA. 4. Just a functional impotency due to increased performance anxiety about business pursuits but can't perform sexually; debauchery=NUX VOMICA. 5. Sexual hangover & Moody mind with backache & painful pimply skin; a state of increased body heat, congestive rectal circulation, elongated sense of "eye tooth" ... excellent medicine= COBALTUM.


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