Top Homeopathic Remedies for Nasal polyp

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Very informative post. Rt nostril -causticum, Kali-nit Lt :alumn, apis, calc, merc-i-r Bleed easily-calc, cp, phos, thuj. Pedunculated, large -cp

Any medicine that fits the patient well in totality, is able to take care of the disease conditions of that patient.

Adv. Thuja , Constitutional remedy with PQRS


Good case. Psorinum should be included among important remedies for nasal polyps

Allium cepa will be helpful.

Nice and informative post.

Most useful Post. Thuja occ.,Sycotico, Belladonna,Calc.flour etc may be added to the important list given.

Thanks doctor.

V.good information, also regarding tmt without surgery. Thanks Dr.

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