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Top Homeopathic Remedies for Sciatica

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Informative. But there are more remedies useful in sciatica. Causticum - right sided sciatica where one can't walk without suffering. Cocculus- severe pain after loss of sleep & long walks or long journey. Mezerium- when prolonged wrong posture caused the pain and patient has heartburn/hyperacidty. ( usually these pains are severe & come in shocklike pattern) Kali carb - only for stout elderly ppl who love sweets & sleepy. Lycopodium - for right sided sciatica usually more intense after 4pm till 8pm, aggravated by fermented food. Lachesis- left side sciatica after menopause more intense on waking from sleep. Usually constipated. Like this most remedies can be adopted for sciatica by strictly eliminating other remedies. No remedy can be a substitute for any other remedy

Colocynth is the key remedy with a clear indication when patient gets relief from bending forward

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Very useful post. More important remedies already explained here. Some other remedies are also give good results. Some are 1.sciatica on alternating sides :-Lac-can. change :-kali-bich

Mag .phos , Arnica , Ruta , Hypericum.

Informative post, thank you

Nice informative post Doctor

Thank you for sharing this post All medicine are very effective and my experience Kali bich is also a good medicine for sciatica.


Nice post.Thanks dr.Got redults in colocynt.Rhus tox


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