Chronic eczema around ankle region N/H/O any other chronic Illnesses



You can choose from Cap. Dermafex, allerin cap.neem,haridra khand, panch tikat ghrit guggul, mahamanjishtha arisht, sarivadi arisht, gandhak rasayan , sat giloya, cap. blood purifier, tab. radona, as the base line is blood purifying and anti pruritic herbs so they work good

Dear Dr. Praful Yadav Sir, Advice for the case. Liq. Mahamanjisthadi quatha 30 ml BD. Tab. Alleczhi 2 BD. Dermola Ointment for local application. Tab. Gandhak Rasayana 1 tds with milk. Avoid spicy and salty food.

Thank you @Dr. Ramde B. Gojiya Sir.

Start with Sulphur 1m, followed by Graphite 200

Complete case history needed for selection of similimum. Grapitis may be helpful if indicate

Graphitis 1 M single dose Calendula Q with coconut oil external use BD

Needs give oral steroids..for 15dayz.....later taper the dos with application of steroid ointment

Thank you doctor

Corticosteroids cream for locally Maha manjesthadi kawath

Eczema around ankle region- natrum phos

Rx Antimonium Crud ?

Grafaytes 200

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