Treatment for bad smell from mouth in adults


Dental pathologg involved of gingivitis. Reflux esophagitis. Gargle and treat according to the cause of halitosis.

Evaluate for Infective etiology and gingivitis etc.


Helitosis Peridontis Bad mouth hygiene Food Drug Oral infection Treat cause

Poor oral hygiene is the main cause for Bad smell from the mouth So at first do deep scaling and root planning after that give oral hygiene instructions to the patient . Chlorhexidine mouthwash twice daily for 10 days Tounge cleaning everyday after brushing Luke warm Water with salt gargle twice daily for 7 days ..

Could be bad oral hygiene. Prescribe antibacterial mouthwashes chlorhexidine

Bad oral hygiene Pyorrhoea

Oral halitosis is two type local or systemic Resone behind If this is oral related (oral like foods, stain calculus ,, bad oral hygine ) Go for scaling , medicine , mouth wash and also maintain oral hygine , Quit the habit If it’s systemic check diabetic ketoacidosis , lung disease ; stomach and kidney related issue

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