Treatment for Bed wetting ?

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Treatment options 1.Desmopressin 2Tab Oxybutynin bed time - Dose 2.5 mg to 5 mg - depending upon the age of child Popular brand - Cystran 3.Antidrpressants can be used in low dose 4.Secondary causes - If enterobiasis - liq,Albendazole 2 tsf daily for 3 days If recurrent U.T.I - antibiotics as per the culture report Also rule out P.U.valves and PHIMOSIS- if present need treatment as sometimes there is continuous dribbling of urine in these male children 5.In adult males - BHP if present needs treatment 6.In adult females with bad obstetrical history- there is damage to bladder sphincter A combination of Mirabigron + solifenacin is effective along with kegel exercises 7.Spinal cord diseases need to be ruled out

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Bed wetting is Neurogenic bladder No water or food after9 pm Wake him or her once night time to urinate Don't tease or scold in home Depsonil works child 6 yr 12 point5 hs homoeopathy Sepia30 natmur30 causticum 30 pills chew tds Vasopressin spray Electric undergarment when becomes wet it bells

Age is patient and whether training given for wetting prevention is important. Limiting how much a child drinks in the evening, avoiding caffeinated foods and beverages and encouraging regular toilet use throughout the day may help prevent bed-wetting. Desmopressin is drug of choice as medicine. Nasal spray is best option...

Desmopressin drug of choice Age is considering factor Sometimes overactive bladder

Etiology depends upon the age of patients.. Agree with dr praveen yograj... In children bladder training is more important than pharmacological treatment

vishtinduk vati is effective

Desmopressin drug of choice Ditropan. (Oxybutynin) Majune kundur

Desmopressin Urination before going to bed