Treatment for black patches after acne treatment



Using topical retinoids also assists with lightening dark spots of the skin. Both of these medications can take a few months to lighten darkened areas. Home care sometimes includes over-the-counter medications that may lighten dark spots. These medications don't contain as much hydroquinone as prescription medications.

For black spots after acne, u can give Kojiglo cream bd, sunscreen use Surely reduced

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Oint adalphalene or benzyl peroxide bd Laser therapy if suited once a month removes upper layer

Dip masur dal and shalmali kantak in milk (kacha doodh) in the night thn make a paste of it next morning and aply on the face or effectd areas

The best is laser treatment

Hyde cream application Sofradex application Tab vitc bd

@ chemical peeling/ q switch / co2 laser / microneedling + PRP

Hydroquinone Kojic gel

The most beneficial is laser treatment,

Best tt is here Take kachcha milk in a small bowl and mix tomato juice then apply with cotton on the black spot and see result

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