Treatment for osteoarthritis ...1st sate

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Osteoarthritis starts with affliction of articular cartilage Thinning Fibrillation Softening etc At this stage Antiinflamatory medication will help Physiotherapy for muscle strengthening and to keep joint supple Correct malalignment if any Braces may help Intraarticular Hyaluronate injection helps Intraarticular steroids in selected cases Diacerein is supposed to help in pain of OA and cartilage regeneration

Medications...ACECLOPHENIC 100.MG.+TRICHOLCHICOSIDE 4 MG + PARACETAMOL 500 MG .1 BD.X 15 DAYS. ** Pasko exercise. ** Weight reduction. ** 300 ml Milk regularly. * Vit.D...60000.IU. once fort nightly x 4 months. * Slow walk and rest.

1st stage OA needs to be manage by NSAIDs and physiotherapy Basically contributing factors like obesity overweight diabetes are to be managed Some of yogic postures are helpful Suppliment of vitd3 and calcium too helpful

First Steps Toward Osteoarthritis Treatment 1.Make Exercise a Habit. The best thing you can do for your joints is to stay active. ... 2.Lose Weight. Your joints will be much happier if you take some pressure off of them. ... 3.Eat Like an Italian. Foods that increase inflammation can contribute to heart disease, diabetes, cancer and joint pain. ... 4.Stay Positive. ...

In 1st stage OA physiotherapy will be more beneficial. If pt is having pain then give pain killers and start physiotherapy with that. Swd, ift for pain relief and if tender point is there go for US. With modalities start SQE, SLR in all 3 planes, prone knee bending, isometric abductor nd adductor initially 10 reps and then increase accordingly. After 10-15 days if pt is having less pain then start strengthening exercise and go for gait training.

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