Treatment for severe hypertension in primary hypothyroidism with high cholesterol, myocardial ischem


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Series of disease , you have mentioned Dr.Amit..! All the diseases of vital systems inOne patient. Pl go for through investigations... CBC../ Thyroid profile / Lipid profile./ S.Createnine./S.Amylase./ HBA1C / Echo Cardiogram.../ Family history / BMI / Age/ Gender / Duration of each disease.....

I have done all investigation, only problem present as i have written above

Hypertension/hypothyroidism Need to adress with detail investigations Adv cbc esr ecg 2decho TFT Sr cholestrol TG Hdlc lipid profile Bsl f&pp anf KFTS Antihypertensives could be of choice telmisartan+chlorthalidone Or metaprolol +hydrochlorthiazide With or without amylodipine


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Try to use of Vasa swarasa or churna with Ghee , vasaghruta. I think here we should consider the Raktapitta samprapti (tiryakgata).

In this case, Metoprolol, Prazosin and Clonidine can be use.

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