treatment in this conditions? alcoholic and fond of junk foods with irregular habits

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Known alcoholic shrinkage of rt lobe of liver with ascites Cholelithiasis splenomegaly umbilical hernai do hida scan ascitic tapping cbnat lft rft cbc ESR lipid profile thyroid profile cirrohosis of liver with Cholelithiasis splenomegaly udiliv300 mg bd

pt had liver parenchymal disease with ascites-may be alcoholic liver cirrhosis with phtn,ascites, cholilethesis.investigate the pt lft, rft, bsl, pt inr, electrolytes, cbc, and usg abdomen doppler and sos upper GI scopy for esophageal varices. give udiliv 300 tds,lasilactone or aldactone bd, multivitamin supplements,and symptomatic treat

Hi , with these findings in a patient with significant alcohol intake history , first diagnosis is alcohol related cirrhosis of liver , you also have to exclude hep b and hepatitis c , most important here is abstinence from alcohol , 4 grams salt restriction per day , monitor sr creatinine and Sr electrolytes and according diuretics , please dont overdo treatment as it may result in acute kidney injury .

It's chronic liver disease with portal hypertension with probable coincidental finding of GB calculi...

a case of portal hypertension with liver parenchymal disease, CBC, LFT, amylase, lipase, RFT, CECT, Doppler study-, Endoscopy to r/o varices

you refer this patient to Hepatologist. ..its better for the patient. ..Don't treat the things u r not specialised in...

hlw friends pt. is having only complaint with diarrhoea and enlargement of abdomen... SGPT 90... S.BILIRUBIN-1.7...I advised him to go for HBSAG,S.CREATININE, CBC, URINE and if necessary then advise for endoscopy.

cirrhosis of liver with portal hypertension

agree with Dr Nadeem add inderal 40 1/2 bd and gradually increase dose and if pt has developed hepatic enceph also add rifaximin 550 od with lactulose

with a report of USG abdomen and only h/o taking junk foods, without any clinical findings and routine investigation. .how do you expect somebody to comment on management. ...its simply strange. ..isn't it?

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