treatment of atrophic vaginitis in menapausal elderly female

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Local application of the hormonal gels like Evalon cream Premarin cream Systemic HRT Tab premarin in low dose like 0.3 mg. Ayurvedic tab like Menosan Femnia tab.,menoease.

In hystrectomised pts evalon cream is the best. In pt with uterus, evalon cream can be used but follow up is essential. Non hormonal tt include many lubricant like v firm cream. Isoflavone 100mg with antioxident tab once daily can be given for 3-6 mths.

local application of evalon HS. the dose used fr LA is usually too less to be worried about. of course patient has to b educated abt the amount to b used

Evalon cream n antioxidants

Evalon cream if associated with other symptoms add short term hrt

vit e gel

local estrogen application

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