Treatment of hypertensive emergency in general practice?


Hypertensive emergency,and hypertensive urgency , should be treated as inpatient. If BP is more than 180/ 120, with target organ dysfunction like MI, pulmonary edema, Aortic dissection, cerebrovascular catastrophe, AKI , it is called as Hypertensive emergency. BP should be reduced by 20% within 1 hour, to 160/100 within 6 hrs and to 130/90 within 24 to 48 hrs. The drug of choice is IV esmolol, as bolus and infusion. This is contraindicated in pulmonary edema., where NG drips and sodium nitroprusdide and IV diuretics are the drugs of choice . In renal compromise ,in hypertensive emergency, IV calcium channel blockers are indicated. When BP is above 180 / 120 without end organ involvement, it is called hypertens8Urgency.Here, gradual reduction with titrated oral antihypertensive drug combination is done.

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