Treatment off lypoma.

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Balanced diet nutritious alkaline organic...ginger... lime juice.... pomegranat es.. muskmelon... mentally stable and happy... breathing techniques....cold pressed coconut oil massage and in naval.... beetroot coriander juice sweet potato...think you have no ailments...prayers chanadaliya... boiled diet....warm water... pineapple with black pepper sprouts kalijeeri green leafy vegetables guava figs raisins apricots garlic little onions....under strict supervision of Doctor

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Introduction: Lipoma :(A benign tumor of fatty tissue) Definition – lipoma is one of the commonest benign tumour. It is composed of fat cells. A lipoma is a slow growing, fatty lump that most often is situated between skin and the underlying muscle layer.It is often called as Universal tumour or Ubiquitous tumour . As lipoma is a benign tumour, they are noncancerous growth. However, people may wish to remove a lipoma that cause pain, or other symptoms. Types Based on the component Hibernoma- benign tumour arising from brown fat Fibrolipoma- lipoma with fibrous component Naevolipoma- lipoma with telangiectasis Neurolipoma- lipoma with nerve tissue Angiolipoma- lipoma with vascular tissue Myolipoma- lipoma with smooth muscle Chondroid lipoma- lipoma with chondroid (tissue resembling cartilage) Spindle cell lipoma- lipoma with spindle cell Pleomorphic lipoma- variant of spindle cell lipoma Lipoblastoma- lipoma of immature fat occurring in infant boys particularly in the subcutaneous tissue of extremity Lipoma arborescens- lipoma occurring in a joint or tendon sheath or with diffuse villonodular proliferation in the synovium Based on the site Subcutaneous- lipoma under the skin Subfacial- lipoma situated below the facia Intramuscular- lipoma within the muscle Intermuscular- lipoma between the muscle Parosteal- lipoma immediately adjacent to the periosteum of a bone Subserosal- lipoma under the serous membrane Submucosal- lipoma below the mucosal layer Extradural- lipoma situated outside the dura matter Intraarticular- lipoma within the joint Subsynovial- lipoma below the synovium Subperiosteal- lipoma occurring beneath the periosteum Interoseous- lipoma situated between the bones Intraglandular- lipoma within the gland Remedies under different repertories 1.Pocket manual of Homoeopathic Materia medica and Repertory by William Boericke4 GENERALITIES-TUMORS-Lipoma: Bar-c, Calc, Calc-ar, Lapis-alb, Phyt, Thuj, Uric-ac 2.Repertory of the Homoeopathic Materia medica by J.T. Kent5 NOSE-LIPOMA: Sulph 3.Homoepathic medical Repertory by Robin Murphy6 Diseases–TUMOURS, general-lipoma, fatty: agar, am-m, BAR-C, BELL, cal, calc-ar, croc, graph, kali-br, lap-a, phos, phyt, thuj, ur-ac. liquors, from abuse of : calc neck, on: BAR-C, phos scalp on: croc scrofulous: calc Neck–TUMORS-lipomas, fatty, on: BAR-C, calc, thuj 4.Synthesis treasure edition by Fredrick Schroyens7 Nose–LIPOMA: Sulph Extremities–LIPOMA: petr Thighs: bar-c, petr Generals–TUMORS–lipoma: agar, Am-m, aur, Bar-c, Bell, Calc, calc-ar, croc, graph, Kai-br, Lap-a, med, merc, phos, Phyt, sil, Spong, Sulph, Thuj, ur-ac Difference between lipoma and liposarcoma: It is important to distinguish common lipoma from liposarcoma. They are of similar characters, although the latter poses a greater risk to the patient. Cause : While the etiology of lipomas is unclear, some studies have shown a genetic link, whereby, about two-thirds of lipoma demonstrate genetic abnormalities. Anatomical pathology : Lipoma are defined as mesenchymal tumours which typically lie subcutaneously. Less commonly, They can also be found on internal organs, such as Stomach and bowel . The masses are not typically attached to underlying muscle. Clinical pathology: Patient often complain of a soft mobile mass of tissue they can feel under the skin. Clinical features: 1) Duration-Usually it is long standing. 2) Age-It may occur at any age. 3) Symptoms- painless swelling present for a long time is the main feature.They usually appear as small, soft lumps. They’re usually less than 2 inches wide. Sometimes, more than one will develop. . It may feel doughy ,move easily with finger pressure. They don’t normally hurt, though they can cause pain if they bump up against nearby nerves or have blood vessels running through them. Treatment : They may be surgically removed for cosmetic reasons. Homoeopathically it is curable.

lipoma Use of medoghna chikitsa should be opted. Kanchmar guggulu, navayas loha, triphala guggulu would be choice


Thuja occ may be helpful

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शल्य क्रिया से लाभ होगा।

Calc flour conium

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thuja,calc carb,cf,baryta carb,

Surgical removal

Lapis alb

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