Treatment was planned to correct gingival overgrown, multiple defective restorations and poor RCT. - crown lengthening for upper anterior teeth - Endodontic retreatment of tooth #22, RCT #11 #12 - fiber post and all ceramic crown for teeth (#12#11#22) (Pre and post tx photographs and radiographs were taken)




Great job Amanii, amazing transformation mashallah, that patient was so lucky to have you.

Great job Amanii! Were these crowns Emax or Zerconia?

Good job Amanii

Amazing! I guess lower gingival scalloping wasn't a concern from Pt. Side since it doesn't show upon smiling. However, a great job has been done, I would continue the treatment with lower teeth!

Excellent Dr Amanii But my concern about the gingival architecture in the lower anterior area it seems to be inflamed especially in area of tooth #31

magnificent job, great transformation .. i bet the patient was happy


Beautiful work Dr. Amani Thank you for sharing

Great job Dr.Amanii

Really nice results .. thanks for sharing

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