treatmnt for hydronephrosis and renal stone male pt



18 mm calculus is unlikely to be passed by hydration therapy when already it is causing hydronephrosis. Treatment is PCNL which is a key hole surgery with just 1 stitch

get ivp done if serum creatinine is normal 18 mm right renal pelvis stone with hydronephrosis. needs intervention . Mini PCNL is good option

use of the most popular Ayurveda medicine 1 tab cystone two bd 2 tab Gokchuradi gogal two bd 3 syp neeri 10 ml two times daily 4 sheikh pachan churan one tea spon two times daily 5 aap rojana subhay k time ek moli ka ark pilao ek week m aaram hoga

renal calculi. rx ptrate liquid 5 ml with water b.d.7-8litres of water intake daily. phyllanthus nerruri herbal remedies. ..

Advised hydration Tharp & diuretics.

Dx : Renal Calculus Rx : 1) Trivikram ras Hazharul yahud bhasma Sang e yashab bhasma Sang e sharmahi pisti Kshar parpati Pashanbhed churna ----- with honey BID 2) Gokshuradi guggulu 3) Ashmarihar kwath --- with water

Lithotripsy and RFT

Also swec lithotripsy / surgical procedures. .

Do further evaluation by advising IVP, Sr creatinine,PT& INR,CBC,urine c/s.The plan would be to do PCNL.

advice hydration therapy. syrup alkacip 2tsp TDS with half glass water. take urologist opinion.

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