Tubercular Lymphadenitis

So this 40 year female who reported with swelling in her sub mandibular region left more than right, was initially suspected as case of sialadenitis. Investigations Her FNAC of left submandibular swelling revelaed Tubercular Lymphadenitis. Management My concerns are - 1) Her weight is 52kg, so she has been put on FDC as per weight band, Akurit-4 tabs 3tabs empty stomach along with Benadon 40mg once daily. I need to check text books, is the duration same of 6 months for TB Lymphadenitis?? 2) What do u advise your patient regarding taking 3tabs ATT empty stomach? Like all at once, or every 15 mins on empty stomach ? 3) What will be the best time to place a PPI? Before dinner or before breakfast or before lunch? Thank you


1. Duration is 6-9 months... 2. To take together or even at 5-15 min. Distance will work same way. 3. Per lunch is better.

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Q 1 duration is six to 9 months as per clinical response Q2 can be given on empty stomach for best results but you have to consider the tolerance of patient If not tolerating better to give separate molecules at different time Q3 long acting ppi like pantaprazole before breakfast and short acting like rabeperazole before big meals

Lymphadenitis Koch'. * Duration 6 months .Repeat test. * PPI on empty stomach in the morning.

Diagnostic excision biopsy with HPE is advisable to this patient. As for AKT only RIF is to be taken on empty stomach. Duration of Rx is 6-8 months. Best time to take any PPI or H2 blocker is evening as acid secretion is at its max in the evening

Only Rifampicin should be taken in empty stomach. But if the medication is FDC and patient tolerate to take all tabs, it can be given in empty stomach. Duration 9 months.

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