In spite of newer modalities for diagnosis and treatment of Tuberculosis (TB), unfortunately, millions of people are still suffering and dying from this disease. TB is one of the top 3 infectious killing diseases in the world. Watch this video and share your insights on this major public health problem!!



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Medical aspect... Tuberculosis (TB) is caused by bacteria (Mycobacterium tuberculosis) that most often affect the lungs. Tuberculosis is curable and preventable. TB is spread from person to person through the air. When people with lung TB cough, sneeze or spit, they propel the TB germs into the air. Global Scenario..... A total of 1.4 million people died from TB in 2019 (including 208 000 people with HIV). Worldwide, TB is one of the top 10 causes of death and the leading cause from a single infectious agent (above HIV/AIDS).In 2019, an estimated 10 million people fell ill with tuberculosis(TB) worldwide. 5.6 million men, 3.2 million women and 1.2 million children. TB is present in all countries and age groups. But TB is curable and preventable.In 2019, 1.2 million children fell ill with TB globally. Child and adolescent TB is often overlooked by health providers and can be difficult to diagnose and treat. In 2019, the 30 high TB burden countries accounted for 87% of new TB cases. Eight countries account for two thirds of the total, with India leading the count, followed by Indonesia, China, the Philippines, Pakistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh and South Africa.Multidrug-resistant TB (MDR-TB) remains a public health crisis and a health security threat. A global total of 206 030 people with multidrug- or rifampicin-resistant TB (MDR/RR-TB) were detected and notified in 2019, a 10% increase from 186 883 in 2018.Globally, TB incidence is falling at about 2% per year and between 2015 and 2019 the cumulative reduction was 9%. This was less than half way to the End TB Strategy milestone of 20% reduction between 2015 and 2020.An estimated 60 million lives were saved through TB diagnosis and treatment between 2000 and 2019.Ending the TB epidemic by 2030 is among the health targets of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). ( Source....WHO) About one-quarter of the world's population has a TB infection, which means people have been infected by TB bacteria but are not (yet) ill with the disease and cannot transmit it VERY INTERESTING TOPIC ..



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In 2018 1.7 billion people were infected worldwide with tuberculosis 23% of world’s population TB is leading infectious disease killer in the world claiming 1.5 million lives each year

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Tuberculosis is a one of major illness responsible for loss of man workhours and cause of death Despite of long years are spend by govt and health workers we are failing in educating society and awareness about illness Irrilevently treated and and treatment taken by pt By the time disease is diagnosed he has already spreaded a number of cases in society and family Acceptance is not there hence rising MDR cases or XDR AND TDR still denial of available treatment

Very well said Sur.Acceptance and compliance in treatment is almost non existent, which favours the development of MDR/ XDR TDR Cases.Also poverty, social apathy, illiteracy, misdiagnosis, subtherapeutic regimens, by unqualified medical professionals add to the TB burden

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