Tumor ?

A 36y female came to hospital having complaints of pain in right and left breast from 6-7 months, Breast swelling from 4 months and on off fever. Please suggest Investigation and Diagnosis. History No nipples discharge. Vitals BP - 10/70, Pulse - 78/min, HPO2 - 99%, CVS and CNS - NAD, P/A - Soft, USG - Normal Physical Examination Tenderness of breast and lower inner dubat. No mass pulpable. No lymph in bilateral Breast and axilla. Noted of Left side lymph.




Attache new report this report is old dt 1.1.2020. Mammography CT FNAC Till reports complied. Symptomatic treatment for fever and pain. Local support soft in nature. Reassurance and councelling required.

Thanks Dr Dinesh Gupta

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It may be fibroadenosis Start- Tab danazole 100 od Cap primrosa 500 bd Cap evion od 15 days Then re assessment


BIRAD 4 > 95 % Malignancy Adv :- Biopsy I & II A - Total/Simple mastectomy with SLNBx II B & III - NeoAd + Radial Mastectomy + SLNBx IV - Metastasis Chemotherapy Rx Nasids for pain

FNAC/CNB --> Proceed as per diagnosis.


BIRADS 4 indicate it is suspecious of carcinoma. Has to be ruled out or confirmed by FNAC or excision biopsy. Can start with Varunadi kashaya 3tsp bd 1/2 hr b/f Amruta guggulu 2-0-2 a/f Kindly confirm diagnosis and proceed.

Phytolacca 30, cal.carb 30

Primrosa oil will be usefuy

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