? Type of haemorhage

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Left CT image - frontoparietotemporal region subdural hematoma, classic subdural hematoma has one side concavity and other side convexity, however in this case that definition is lost because of extensive area of involvement There is midline shift present The right image has temporoparietal region Extradural hematoma with midline shift to opposite side. This EDH has classic biconvex appearance. Both sides are convex. Now both these hematoma requires surgical evacuation However, outcome in subdural hematoma is significantly poorer as compared to Extradural hematoma This is because subdural hematoma is associated with underlying brain injury and Extradural hematoma breast brain parenchyma is intact

Film - A - A large subdural haematoma extending from left fronto - temporo parietal and partly occipital region with significant mid line shift to right side . Film.-B An Extra - dural haematoma extending from right temporo- parietal to occipital region with with significant medline shift to the left side. Alrhough both require urgent burr hole craniotomy and evacuation of the haematoma and if not done in time - serious uncal herniation can occur with impending death. The difference between the two is that SDH in Film A has a concave appearance on CT head plain and burr hole needs to pierce durometer also . In EDH - film B - the haematoma is biconvex on CT head plain and burr hole exploration is just making hole in skull bone and durometer is not pierced

A outerside sudural haematoma lt parietal region white matter haemorrhage in rt lateral ventricle & thalamic region B subdural haematoma rt parietoccipital region in white matter Haemorrhage lateral ventricle & cerebellum left side

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1st film - Acute SDH left frontotemporoparietal. 2nd film Rt EDH temporoparietal with # rt temporal bone

Left sided SDH. Agreed with Dr. Jayesh Kalbhande. Needs surgical evacuation.


Film show sub Dural hemorrhage See for blood report See for 2decho n ecg See for thyroid profile See for hemocystine Take neuro opinion And treat accordingly

In left figure banana shaped, left sided subdural hematoma. In right figure right, Right sided biconvex epidural hematoma

surgery asap

SDH Parietal region

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