Types of Rickets • Hypocalcemic Rickets – This occurs due to impaired metabolism of vitamin D and calcium resulting into vitamin D deficiency and Calcium deficiency. •Hypophosphatemic Rickets – This occurs due to low serum phosphate levels. ______________________________________ Diagnosis – •Blood tests – Serum calcium and serum phosphate show low level along with changes in shape and structure of bone’s. •Bone biopsy for confirmation. ______________________________________ Homoeopathic Medicine for Rickets- •Thyroidinum – Thyroid producing anaemia, muscular weakness, nervous tremor, rheumatoid arthritis. Infantile wasting rickets. Delayed union of bones, nocturnal enuresis. Oedema of legs. •Phosphorus – Dullnes of head, obstinate vertigo. Caries in teeth, drawing and tearing toothache, bleeding and grinding of teeth, gums separated from teeth. Weakness in all limbs, swelling of hand and feets, joint stiff. •Calcaria Phosphorica – Wewakness of bones,large open frontalle, headache, skull soft. Slow dentition, tearing boring pain in gums, fever during dentition,pain in molars. Rheumatic pain in shoulder and arms, paralysis of joints. •Baryta Carbonica – Suited to old people, dwarfs, scrofulous children inclined to grow fat. Glandular swelling. Chronic enlargement of tonsils. Abdomen distended and hard. •Thuja occidentalis – Scalp sensitive to touch and painful, weakness in head. Caries of teeth, crown of teeth remains sound, gums swollen. Trembling of hands and feets, cracking of joints, frozen limbs. •Silicea terra – Stiffness of nape,caries of clavicle, swelling of gland in nape,coccyx painful, tearing and shooting pain in back.Weakness of joints,cramps of arms and legs,jerk in limbs. •Kalium Iodatum – Glands swollen or atrophied. Gouty daithesis. Swelling of bones, contraction of muscles and tendons, pain after long injury.its is also very well indicated in Dropsy accompanying Rickets basically due to renal complaints impairing calcium resop



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