Typhi IgM with Increased urine frequency

58 year old female with increased frequency of urination esp at night and she is also Typhi IgM positive too. No dysuria nothing. Urine R,M,CS is wnl. Will solifenacin 5mg at bedtime help? Can cefixime + ofloxacin 400 combination be given twice daily along with solifenacin at bedtime? Any C/I ?


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- yes, solifenacin a anticholigernic drug help for over active bladder - Positive Typhi IgM indicatie recent typhoid infection hense antibiotics needed but ofloxacin avoided as it interaction with solifenacin

For treating increased frequency of micturition Tablet urotone one tablet three times a day is better Tablet Solifenacin causes more harm than good Antibiotic for Typhoid is ok

Over reacting bladder Suggest LUTS and need to uroflomatery Likely BPH Recently had enteric episode as IgM +ve suggest I agree with dr Ramesh Patel likely drug interaction bet ofloxacin and solifenacin Though i have no experience

There is no interaction b/w oflox or cefixime with solifenacin, it can be used Avoid ise in... Urine retention Gastric retention Uncontrolled narrow angle glaucoma

There are 2 issues here. 1.age related 2.typhoid related. At this age most wen have Urethral syndrome. the frequency might have been brought to her notice due to the enforced rest or reduced physical activity. In typhoid, old teaching used to be 1sr week the gi system, second week urinary third week another and lastly cvs is affected.Also the reason why urine culture would not grow typhi in ist week. You need to have a output chart for at least 24 hours with intake chart. In the short run can consider limited intake of fluids after dusk, and any anticholinergic. In the long-term need Uroflowetry and u/s to confirm a pathology and then deal with it

Inj Cefotaxim 1gm 5day Calpal syr. Cxr ad.

Sir, it may be age related insomnia??? OSA??? or diabetes there Avoid excess drinking at evening

Cefixime will do, check sugar

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