【Typical case of Anaplasmosis】 ●Watery blood ●Anemic mucus membrane ●Owner called for visit on 4th day of sickness, so here Temprature down to 100f ●Animal so much weak and deficate hard feces ●Blood smear also taken for confirmative diagnosis ●blood smear result was positive of Severe Anaplasmosis




Here RX, Inj. Intalyte 500ml I/V for 3 days Inj.NS 500ml I/V Inj.OTC 120 ml I/V for 3 days in (our area OTC ressitant so more than 100 ml dose works in anaplasmosis) Inj.Analgin 20 ml I/V Inj.Conciplex 15 ml I/V for 3 days Inj.Tonophos 15 ml I/M for 3 days Inj.Vitamin ADE3 10 ml I/M Advice for orally 1)Liq.RBC rakt 40 ml daily 2)Jaggery 150gm morning and 150gm evening daily as source of Iron and energy 3)Beetroot 500gm daily up to normal feeding(Their iron and folic acid content helps boost the production of red blood cells in the body) 4)Turmeric powder 1 teaspoon morning and 1 in evening up to normal feeding(works as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.)

Additionally Imidocarb is the drug of choice

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In Anaplasmosis Inj Babimido is choice of drug She is showing low temp, may be going to sub normal condition due to decreased Hemoglobin level In case that condition if we gives oxytetracyclin with i/v infusion anaphylatic shock must be created that's why Inj Dicrysticin 5 gm must be preferred 3 days Increasing HB level Inj Worofur (Iorn sorbitol) 5 to 10ml I/v Inj Haemoceel 500 ml for 2 days Inj. Multi vet 30ml i/m Supportive Dexorenge liq 200 ml/day Vetakind Liv 100 ml/ day

Right sir, I agree with you, but here when inj.Babimido not available, than only one option is OTC as first line of treatment in field

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Dr.Uttam sir, Please suggest method of blood transfusion in practical way in field, what is cost of anticoagulant empty blood bag and where from we get?

immediately after Inj Dexsona 5ml I/m Inj, Teramycin 30ml+Rintose450mli slow iv Rpt 3dsys Inj imfaran 5ml i/m twice weakly I 4inj Inj BComplex 10mli/m5days

Dr Ketan air U r right but examination of slide and eye mm indicates very low level of haemoglobin and in that type of case blood transfusion is required to save the animal

Valuable opinion.

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And keep in mind that all drug which u r using might be causing liver damage cause jaundice which further deteriorate the condition

But to remove etiology some drug must required, sir

Today 4th days after first treatment ●Now cow can take feed up to 35% ●blood became mild thick Advice to owner follow orall supplements up to normal feeding

Higher dose of I/voxytetracyclin10to20mgperkgslowwithDNS+MVI15ml Inj Imfron 10ml twice in a weak I/m Inj Belamyle 10ml I/m for 3days If possible Blood transmission can be done,

Very informative discussion going on. Carry on sir. Nice

Oxytetracycline LA 20ml alternate day for 5 days Vitamin C i/v 50ml Injection of Ferritas 10ml alternate day Khurak powder 500gm Tribivet 10ml alternate day Isofluid alternate day twice Whole blood transfusion Rumiceĺl bolus Rumentas bolus Bendofen3gm oralley

Wen hb goes below 5..transfusion needs to be done to save the animal.
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