Ulcer over the Tongue

A 37 y/o female complaints of ulcer over the left lateral border of the tongue. It is painful and present for 2 months. Initially, it was small in size then increased gradually to 2.5 x 3.5 cm in size. It is causing difficulty in swallowing solid foods, which prompted her presentation. No lymph node swelling. What is the diagnosis? Need your valuable opinion.




Soft diet Warm water gargle Apply metrogyl gel Tab Keterol DT if pain persist for long time Traumatic ulcer

Traumatic ulcer, tab Metrogyl, tab multivitamins with lycopen Topical orascep gel

Case of Traumatic Ulcer . Treatment ,1. Gel Metrogyl-DG forte, apply Thrice daily. 2. Tab.Elmox -CV-625 mg,BD for 5 days. 3.Tab. Ketorol-DT,SOS for 7 days.4.Cap. Cobadex-forte,OD for 7 days.

It looks tfo Give multivitamin with topical ornidazole ointment, biomodulation with non contect laser application Restore function of 36 with rpd/fpd If not subside within 5 days then antibiotics with analgesic, If not subside then go for biopsy-

If there is any history of tabacco chewing, it is strongly suggestive of SCC...Hemoglossectomy should be planned after confirming by Histopath Exam...

It's a antifungal infection