Uncontrolled T2DM

Female 60 yrs, Muslim. Pt is not doing Roza Chief Complaints Reeling of head History T2DM for 10 yrs, Rt Ear Timpanic Membrane Rapture 2 yrs back, Cervical Spondylitis Disc space reduced for 5 yrs Vitals BP- 140/90, P/R- 82, Spo2 - 98, R/R - 21, Wt - 76 Investigations FBS - 283, PPBS - 513, HbA1c - 9.6 Pt having diabetic medicine from State Govt Hospital Management Please suggest me better treatment plan.



Start Insulin Degludec at night Add Mtform/Sulfonylureas for prandial sugar If not controlled, add Insulin Actrapid before breakfast and dinner

Thank you doctor

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