Understanding The Fixed macrophages .

Macrophages are a Type of white blood cells ( WBC ) . The immune system that the Engulf and digests cellular debris ,foreign substances , microbes, cancer cells and anything else that does not have the Type of Proteins specific to healthy body cells on its surface in a process Called phagocytosis. Fixed macrophages ..., That the tends reside within a particular tissue in the Body and stay in that tissue. Some of the fixed macrophages are,, 1) Kuppfer cells within the Liver. 2) microlagia cells within the central nervous system ( CNS ). 3) Alveolar macrophages within the Alveolar wall. 4) pleural and peritoneal macrophages within serous cavities. 5) osteoclast within bone. 6) langerhans cells within the Epidermis.


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