Unknown growth on chest H/O Basal cell carcinima

female patient age 40 years with fair skin presents with growth on the middle of her chest. She first noted the lesion approximately 3 months ago, and it has remained asymptomatic. H/O basal carcinoma removed from her temple at age 35 and undergoing treatment for actinic keratoses several times. She is pitta vata prakriti and has samanya agni bala what can we do in such case? is agnikarma possible?




Dx Petechiae Rx chandanaditaila e/a Tab Arogyavardhinivati 1 BD It is a common condition just like moles. If not get well with this treatment with in a month, then definitely take it as a serious condition, go for biopsy etc.

Skin Biopsy Test is Needed.

Rx Antim crude 1m/3dose

Adv. Skin Biopsy ? Complete History?

Needs advise of oncologist.

It can be basal cell carcinoma, advise skin biopsy

सोमराजी तैल लगाने से लाभ होगा।

Fruits juice soups lime juice pineapple with black pepper sprouts kalijeeri alkaline diet needs counselling calmness symphony music

Biopsy is helpful in this case


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