unscrapable white lesion on lateral part of tongue. History of tobacco chewing . medical history wart over genital part. non irritating, painless lesion. What is line of treatment?



take care of HPV infection. symptoms are warts on genitals , posterior tongue , tonsillar pillars...sexually transmitted disease.. differential diagnosis-traumatic fibroma hairy leukoplakia. treatment based on excisional biopsy report.

excison biopsy-as painless and associated genital wart check if any l. node palpable

It can be can be categorized ad white slightly elevated lesion in area of possible trauma in a patient with tobacco use. dd can be frictional(traumatic) keratosis (not fibroma since fibroma is usually pink in colour), leukoplakia, candidal leukoplakia. Hairy cannot be considered since it does not appear corrugated.. oral papilloma can be considered if surface of the lesion is flower like which cannot be assessed in this pic..

hairy leukoplakia ..and treatment depend on biopsy

excisional biopsy it then diagnose

HPV infectiom Genital To nsillar pillar HIV

provisional ~Traumatic fibroma it has sharp cusps adjacent to it. biopsy ASAP. do selective grinding and recall after 15 days following excisonal biopsy

suggestive of traumatic fibroma.

check any sharp cusp ...

Leukoplakia... Also check for exposure history.. site, history and presentation is like oral hairy leukoplakia..

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