12 year old boy playing happily with his friends in a early morning gathering at Gurudwara Chief Complaints Developed such itchy raised lesions over his both cheeks in morning, later in day developed in other body parts too History His father also has the same history of developing such lesions Diagnosis Probable reason for his hives development, cold air? Management Given Fexofenadine 120mg morning Montelukast 5mg HS Your comment on line of management



Urticaria. Some genetic factors are found responsible for urticaria in inheritance. Worm infestation. Your kind of treat meng is to the mark. Add Ivermectin 6 mg + Al anda some 400 mg/ 1 tab OD.. Allegra 120 mg 1 tab OD.x 5 days. Advices for IgE test.. Calamine lotion. Avoid cold exposure.

Urticaria due to physical agent -cold weather cold infected water. Rx-1-avoidance of cold climate and cold water.2-Tab atarax 25mg 1×3. 3-Tab beclomethasone o.5mg 1/2 tds 4-Tab becoplus 1od ×7days. Advise-1-cbc. 2-serum IgE

Acute urticaria Yes could be due to cold breeze or some food eaten Tab Levocetrizine5mg 1bd Tab betnesol 0.5mg 1tds for 5 days Atarax lotion locally

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Suggestive of "HIVES". Calamine lotion for L,Apply. Tab.Atarax 25 mg OD. Tab.Deflazacort 6 bd. Albendazole+Ivermactin HS.

Contact dermatitis,to something common b/w father and son

Yes it's urticaria .. hives related to external environment or genetic inheritance .. or immunity factor Check for esinophils counts and do autologous serum skin test to find out wat is the factor of cause . Generally antihistamine and intradermal injection can subside the factors. But in one age , these might stop in few children and can lead to normal life .in other ppl it can trigger the factor in adolhesent age

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Allergic contact dermatitis


Urticaria Pred is best Levocet& atarax wonder s

Rx l dio 1m bd/ atarex 25 mg bd Clobneo gm lotion B zon fort bd for 5 day After giving such allopathic treatment. If recurrent attack of urticaria present Then try homoeopathy medicine If reason is cold air then Skin; eruptions; urticaria, nettle-rash; air; cold; agg.: ars caust dulc kali-br nat-s NIT-AC(3) RHUS-T(4) rumx SEP(3) sulph Rhus tox 30 bd Sepia 1m stat 1 dose is good for cold air

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