use of non vegetarian during covid-19

is it safe to use non vegetarian during covid-19 . if not then is there any guidelines available.?


Dr. Rajani Kant, Yes it's trending question among non vegetarians lovers and fear about infection while consuming chicken, egg, fish and meat. But predominant route of this CORONA virus human to human and not animal to human. Bats are main culprits. Birds, goats and fishes are not yet been implicated to transmit this virus so far. As you know chicken contains good biological value of proteins, good cholesterol including B3, and B complex. Egg contains essential amino acids and necessary micronutrients. These are very useful role in maintaining good initiating our immunity to fight against these viruses. So these are essential to maintain integrity of our immune system.

Thank you sir for your valuable opinion

It is safe until non veg is fresh and not from from any ill animal or birds ,govt has opened market of fish ,mutton ,and chicken means no adverse guidelines are there . I personally feel we should avoid non veg during this period because we are not sure about the freshness and human consumption fitness of the animal or birds we are going to eat.

Thanks dear Rajani kant.

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