USG reports of the same patient. Please suggest further course of action.



I think delaying is not at all advised..because it may lead to strangulation and complicate.whatever condition whether it is hernia or other lesion..definitely needs surgery or surgical evaluation...because biopsy or fnac is contraindicated...give a course of antibiotics and antifilarial medicine and surgery

I think usg can detect fluid clearly not suggestive of fluid in the sac...hence no chance of hydrocele..Dr.Sunil

There might be an element of epididymo-orchitis along with a hernia. A course of antibiotic should be given before surgery

start antibiotics and clinically it is a reducible swelling and suggestive of hernia than operate it.

What clinicaly it looks Wht about reducibility of swelling Can u get aboce the swelling Ring occlusion test Invagination possible??

I cannot rely on usg alone. patient needs clinical examination. it might be an indirect inguinal hernia with associated direct component . first examination. then explain the situation to patient and proceed for surgery

Patient requires a hernia surgery

surgical management

kindly rule out hydrocele of the hernia sac

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