Uterine fibroids

age-47-F c/o- 3-4 small uterine fibroids no other complaints present like pain,bleeding etc.. all are normals , not any complaints which homoeopathic medicine can prescribe only the base on the reports?



DR Ranjit Kumar Poriya Homeopathy. 47 yrs F C/O Uterine Fibroyeds Pain, Bleeding, Menopause Syndrome Bleeding & Pain, Common Problem. Period Off quick Recovery UterineFibroids *Fraxinius Americana, Sabaina, *Thuja OC, 1m. monthly 1dose X2month, Wait till 2month.

Suspected Uterine fibroids..@Dr. Nandini Detroja .. only on the basis of this USG report.... if I have to I would suggest CALCAREA FLUOR 200 /TDS /one month

Puls 200 one dose every 15days Aur mur nat 3x tds

Mental history? Frexicana Americana Q mix with leuwaarm water BD 15days

Conium Mac Cal flour

Aur Mur nat

USG says suspected P/o of uterine fibroid Wts present complain for wt pt came? Mensrual history?

No any complaints..menses regular..no any pain


Fraxinus americana q can be given Or aurum mur natronatum

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