A 4 month old baby was vaccinated with 2nd dose of DTP, Hib and Hep B (pentavac) + ipv + opv + Rota on 7th March 2020. his 3rd dose was supposed to be on 7th April 2020. but due to lockdown and being in red zone all pediatricians have become inaccessible for God knows how long. In such situation for how long can this 3rd dose ne delayed? What if unfortunately this dose gets missed?


Sir. No need to worry . As the child has already recieved two doses . Third dose can b given anytime in future. Even if he misses it then too no need to worry at all .

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No,No,No, It can be postponed until, when lockdown breaks,Nothing happens, because body has taken up2 primary doses,& immunity is gearing up increasingly,so need not worry.

Thank you doctor

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Better to give as early as possible...

but how. Can vaccination after lockdown be considered as 'early as possible"?