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Vague Hip pain... Experts please reply. Thank you

42 yo male with vague hip pain since 3 - 4 months. No other symptoms. Pain while bending forward, getting up from sitting position, but no pain while touching the area. He consulted 3 doctors previously and they said it was some edema or swelling and prescribed medicines which I've attached with this. But he is still feeling pain. He wants to know which specialist should he consult for a definite diagnosis? And what test should be done? Chief Complaints Vague hip pain

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I've asked him to get an X ray of hip and also USG of L hip region.

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There is a main issue here.Do you treat for the presenting symptoms or incidental findings of no consequence. In fact what is the indication for U/S abdomen at all? If there are no local signs and the patient has pain in the hip area etc one should consider this a referred pain or neuritic pain. LOOK IN THE SPINE FOR A CAUSE.

Which hip movements cause pain ? Rotations or flexion ? Hip joint pains are usually felt in groin or knee and would be increased with weight bearing..

Hip Flexion I guess . Since he finds it painful while bending forward.

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I guess This patient was grade 1 fatty liver changes and 3 mm right renal calculus interpolar region that reason to came vague hip flexion pain Rx ketrol-Dt tablets bid,neeri syrup twice added some water to take, Pan-D cap twice,nitrobact 100 mg capsule twice, A to z tablets daily afternoon one

I've asked him to get an X ray of hip and also USG of L hip region.

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