Various Skin Diseases

Azadirecta indica 30-2 drops, echinacea Q - 10 drops, penicillin 12X - 1 drop, sulfur iod 6-1 drops, hydrocotyl Q - 8 drops, aqua-a-aus - mix these. This is a quantity. Give three doses daily. It is a good bleed mixture. It provides relief in all types of skin diseases including boils - pimples, dry or wet itching etc. Calotropis zygantia Q - 2 drops, Hydrocotyle Q - 10 drops, Hemidesmus indica 2X - 1 drop, Aqua - One Aus - mix these. This is a quantity. Giving two doses daily is beneficial in skin diseases, syphilis emergence etc. • Graphitis 1X - 20 grains, Vaseline - one ounce - mix them. This is the ointment. By applying this, there is benefit in eczema, facial acne, minor wounds, small sores on the breasts, other minor skin diseases that cause yellow thick discharge. Agaricus muscarius Q - 1 Dram, Sulfur Q - 1 Dram, Vaseline - 1 Aus - Mix these. This is the ointment. Applying this helps to relax in the cracks of the ankles of the feet.



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