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Vasant Kusumakar Rasa Most Commonly used Ayurveda Antihyperglycemic

Antihyperglycemic medicines help lower glucose levels in the blood. Vasant Kusumakar Rasa Most Commonly used Ayurveda Antihyperglycemic Drugs in Clinical Practice Share your experience with us.



One of the top most effectively med for both of PP/Fasting cases of DM for every stages. Even profitable of 18 Type of permeh.keeping the boosting powers for both M/F.By thining the blood,stops making blood clots.All round med & even some time life saving drug also.With confidence can say to improve the Pancreas work. Only one problem to become easy availability,"Costly" As Effective Substitute I use "Permehgajkeshri Ras" Effective than insulin's.

Useful ecperio sir..keep sharing sir

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I also used in PCOS... Very good result in infertility.. It's balya, Rasayan, ojvardhak


I feel there are more herbs to try rather use vasnth kusumakar ras, due to its cost as well as the rasa yoga not effective if used alone As we all know there are diagnostics tests and as a doctor it cannot be given as a single drug , and herbal combinations with diet and exercises help a lot! Most of the time ayurvedic herbs work to certain extent only,after certain stage they will have to shift to allopathy oral antidiabetic drugs , as the patient cannot take excess medication or the medicine might not be effective. As we all know allopathy oral antidiabetic medicines are also are ineffective in certain cases Finally they switch to insulin !!

Very effective in diabetic and diabetic neuropathy also