Vedanta Darshana : Atma and Mana Beautiful Presentation, Hope you will like it and remind your Padartha Vigyana Class.....



Wonderful video Sir... Thanks for enlightening and the Importance of Sukshma , Karan Sharir than this Stulha Sharir. Requesting to all Curofians please save it and at least see it on 15 days interval so that we can realize the Importance of Mind, Soul and valueless Panchabhautik Body ( Stulha Sharir ).

@Dr. Hemant Adhikari Sir! A must watch video for everybody everyday after awakening in the morning and before going to bed at night. "इच्छा दुख का कारण है और सन्तोष परम सुखम" I thank you from my heart.

Thanks @Vikas Rathod Dear!

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Nice vedio sir. Remembered Manthana programe organized in DGM Gadag. Also remembered Dr.Ahilya Madam and her fantastic presentation on Panchamahabhoota

Dear@Vikas Rathod , See this amazing video knowing about the reality of this Panchabhautik Sharir

Sir I m so thankful to you for tagging me for this post , Yes sir , so nice video representation about soul n reincarnation , its true, there are many proved examples I saw on YouTube sir about remembering the previous birth,,, this imp to those who are atheist , who claim themselves as god, (those who are in effect of Maya and false Ego. ) 1.Science of self realisation 2, beyond birth and death ( about re-incarnation ) 3. Life comes from life Are beautiful books one should read (written by Hus divine grace srila prabhupada founder of ISKCON) Thanks a lot for this video @ @Dr. Hemant Adhikari sir . and thank you @Dr. Niranjan Ram sir.

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Dear Dr Hemant Fantastic video presentation on Vedanta Darshana. Thanks With regards

Thanks sir

Thank you @Dr. Hemant Adhikari sir... It is very useful post

Excellent Video & remind to Student first year of Course Sir

Excellent presentation sir vedant darshan

Wonderful and very knowledgble vdo sir

Nice video post sir thank you.

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