Today I'm discussing About VELAMENTOUS CORD INSERTION . Found in Only 1.1% of the pregnancies ( though slightly more Common with twin pregnancies.) Typically, the umbilical cord is inserted into the middle of the placenta entirely enclosed by the amniotic sac and surrounded by Wharton's jelly. Whereas with VELAMENTOUS cords, they insert themselves into the amniotic membrane ratter than the placenta there are quite, a few risks that come with this abnormality. It may restrict how much the baby grows, Increase the risk of pre eclampsia premature birth ,and a Possible need for a c - section , once the baby is born they maybe more Likely to transfered to the nicu, Have a low birth weight , an abnormal heart heart rate , or other physical issue . But this Little bebe Defied. All odds, she care out beautifully Healthy , the same size exact weight as her twin sister of 6 lbs, and the velamentous cord was a complete and total surprise to everyone . The midwives calling baby a little Miracle baby, such an incredible surpise Opportunity to document this insane cord, not to mention this calm Supportive twin birth, so many hands here to hold space and witness this mama intuitively birth these little girls to our Earth.



Very rare case successfully handled. Thank you for sharing

Very informative and useful case study of VELAMENTOUS card and it's important. Thanks for sharing useful information Sir

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Rare case nd well presented.

Informative post my dear

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Yes i have not heard about it.Thanks for sharing .


Thank you sir and mam for Answering

A really rare an Amazing Presentation Thank you Doctor

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