Verrucous lesions since childhood in a male 17 years old . Diagnostic dilemma



Where can we treat this child?

@Dr P. Kishore Kumar.

Omg .wht is the etiology?

Human papillomavirus madam, this is extremely rare case, worth a journal article.


Dx :- Extensive verrucous seborrheic keratosis mimicking deep mycoses. Seborrheic keratosis is a common benign epithelial tumor of unknown etiology, which can arise anywhere on the skin but with the exception of palms and soles. The mucus membranes are also generally spared. Advice : - CBC, LFT, RFT Biopsy to rule out malignancies by HP examination, and KOH Preparation and fungal culture to rule out fungal aetiology.

CXR, Anti HIV 1&2 Ab test to rule out HIV. Rx :- The treatment of choice is removal of the lesion using one of various operative procedures currently available eg, Shave excision, Crurettage, Electrodessication, Cryotherapy and Ablative lasers. Despite some reports on topical (vitamin D analogs, tazarotene) and systemic (vitamin D analogs) drug therapy in seborrheic keratoses, such approaches have generally proven to be unsuccessful. Patients with a large number of seborrheic keratoses, sometimes well over 100, present a particular challenge. If the patient wishes to have them removed given the limitations on performing multiple surgeries.

This is not varicose these are warts you will need a biopsy to confirm

It is a case of Verrucanecrogenica ie Skin Tuberculosis hence start. Anti TB drugs as early as possible

Omg never seen such a case thanks for posting

? Epidermodysplasia verruciformis

Mostly this is seborrheic keratosis...but we have to find out the etiology get this biopsy be done and cbc lft and rft nd also send fungal culture ...mostly procedure done by cryotherapy nd electrodessicion..bcoz medicines nd local ointment does not work on it

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