vescicular eruptions since 1 week treated as herpes. but no relief.



Bullous impetigo Treatment is 1Oral Antibiotics like amoxycillin and clavulinic acid, cephalosporins 2Topical application of antibiotics like fusidic acid Mupirocine Tetracycline ointments 3 Use antibacterial soap for face wash

Looks like a case of insect bites.. Leading to dermatitis and secondary infection.. Needs topical application of antibiotic cream like t- Bact with Addition of corticosteroids Cream later on

Lesions are Umblicated, looks lije HERPETIC lesions, some times Herpes may not respond to Acyclovir, it is better to give Gan4cylovir. Few lesions have developed secnodary infection, needs Antibiotic therapy too. Dr Brahmananda.

Bullous lesions, impetigo contagiosum /Bullous impetigo

Herpetic shud be nerve related. Lesion does not look so Impetigo 3rd gen cephalosporin wid anti histaminic and soothing application

Bullous impetigo.


bullous impetigo...

Healing stage of H. Simplex. Oint Acyclovir n Mupirocin may be applied.

bullous impetigo

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